Gratitude for growth

As a small business, your customer relationships are essential when it comes to fostering growth. And that’s why showing gratitude can help you strengthen those relationships—and help encourage customer loyalty.

Send personalized thank-you notes 

Most everyone loves a nice handwritten note, so take the time to include a thank-you when sending an online order. Or, if you run a physical store, choose a few customers per week and slip a note of appreciation into their shopping bags. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way.

Give gifts for birthdays or anniversaries 

If you keep track of when customers started shopping or working with you, or perhaps they’ve given you their birthdate, consider sending them a small, personalized gift to celebrate. It could even be a discount for the next time they make a purchase. Whatever you decide, they’ll appreciate that you remembered their special occasion.

Feature customers on social channels 

Highlight your customers by featuring them on your website or social media. Check with them to see if you can interview them for a testimonial. You can also use positive reviews as promotional pieces on social media and share any user-generated content that they’ve posted on their own social platforms. 

Host customer appreciation events 

Organize exclusive events for your customers, such as workshops, networking events or working in your local community. This provides a fun atmosphere where you can connect and interact with your customers and help build a sense of community among like-minded individuals.

Implement feedback 

If you have customers who have provided feedback (both positive and negative), use it as an opportunity to show them that you’re listening to them. If there are changes they’ve requested that you can implement, put a plan into action. Customers appreciate businesses that listen to their candid feedback and do something about it.

Offer referral rewards 

Another way to show your appreciation to customers is by enrolling them in a referral rewards program. You could offer incentives such as discounts or credits to the customers who provide referrals. If you work with social media influencers, you could also offer a commission on any referrals they send your way. This also helps boost word-of-mouth recommendations. 

Send coupons or gift cards 

Sending coupons or gift cards is a great way to show appreciation to both first-time and long-time customers. Offering a discount on your products and services will help entice customers to return. 

Grant early access to offerings 

If you have a loyalty or VIP program in place— or are thinking about creating one—you can offer your customers exclusive early access to new products or services. They’ll get to purchase new items before the general public. Who doesn’t appreciate getting first dibs? 

Provide exceptional service 

Finally, the most significant way to thank your customers is by providing an incredible customer experience. Be responsive and attentive...and do your best to go above and beyond. Just remember: If something goes wrong, address the situation and make changes to improve. Customers will appreciate that.

Remember, the key to showing your customers gratitude is to be genuine, thoughtful and consistent. Showing appreciation will strengthen your relationships and help you foster loyal and long-term customers.

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